The Golden Age of Crap: 77 B-Movies From the Glory Days of VHS

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Just because you can't respect a movie doesn't mean you can't enjoy it.

A seminal text of the VHS nostalgia movement, The Golden Age of Crap serves up a sampling of junk-food flicks that gained their audiences on videocassette rental shelves during the '80s and '90s, a time when one couldn't visit the video rental store without being tempted by Italian post-apocalyptic adventures, ninja revenge yarns, and zombie-filled "camcorder epics." The movies covered here run from sleeper hits (Phantasm II) to cult favorites (The Dead Next Door), from unknown stinkers (Plutonium Baby) to undiscovered gems (America's Deadliest Home Video), all examined with a critical but fun-loving eye.

Now fortified in this 2nd edition with full-color posters and video covers, plus an exhaustive index.