Brimstone Incorporated AUTOGRAPHED

Type: New Blu-Ray

NOTE: These are new but there is no wrap.  Autographed by James L. Edwards

A date from hell, an infernal overprotective mother, a relentlessly damning drug trip..... and a law firm, which serves as the gateway to hell, overseeing all of them. Welcome to BRIMSTONE INCORPORATED, featuring three diabolical tales of terror worth the price of your soul. Directors James L. Edwards (HER NAME WAS CHRISTA) and Brad Twigg (KILLER CAMPOUT) cordially invite you to GO TO HELL! Starring indie horror favorites Sasha Graham (POLYMORPH), Kaylee Williams (TEACHER SHORTAGE), Tim Hale (VILE), Shianne Daye (HER NAME WAS CHRISTA) James L. Edwards (BLOODLETTING), Rick Jermain (WRESTLEMASSACRE), Drew Fortier (DWELLERS) and Geoff Burkman (THE MANSON FAMILY). In the vein of classic anthologies such as CREEPSHOW, BODY BAGS and TRICK R’ TREAT, it’s the devil’s business, and business is booming.




DTS-HD 5.1 Surround Mix (Blu-ray Only)

Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Mix

Audio Commentary

Deleted Scenes

Music Video

Christine Morrison Tribute

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2021 • Color • 97 mins. plus bonus features • Horror / Anthology • 1080p HD • 16:9 • 5.1 Surround Sound

Not Rated • Region-Free • Released by Buffalora Entertainment Group