Breathless (4K UHD, 2 Discs, Region B) w/SLIP

Type: New 4K UHD

In celebration of the film's 60th anniversary,  BREATHLESS has been stunningly restored in 4K. Based on a story by François Truffaut and photographed by New Wave legend Raoul Coutard, Jean-Luc Godard's jazzy riff on Film Noir features iconic performances from Jean-Paul Belmondo as an on-the-run criminal modelling himself on Bogart, and Jean Seberg as his NY Herald Tribune-hawking American student girlfriend, who ultimately betrays him. With a pace that's non-stop, BREATHLESS reinvented the grammar of movies and almost instantly changed the course of international filmmaking. Celebrate where it all began with Belmondo and Seberg - young, effortlessly stylish and in love in Paris - in one of the coolest films ever made.
NEW Still not…Breathless,
NEW Trailer,
Room 12, Hotel de Suede,
Introduction with Jefferson Hack,
Film Presentation by Colin MacCabe,
Tempo - Godard Episode