Type: New Blu-Ray


Slip on your parachute pants, lace up your high tops and bust a move with Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo, the sequel to the wildly popular '80s classic, Breakin'. Director Sam Firstenberg (American Ninja, Blood Warriors, One More Chance) reunites cast members Adolfo ""Shabba-Doo"" Quinones (Lambada, Tango & Cash, Rave, Dancing to A Different Beat), Lucinda Dickey (Grease 2, Ninja III: The Domination) and Michael ""Boogaloo Shrimp"" Chambers (Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey, Naked Gun 33 1/3) as they attempt to save the local community center from an unscrupulous businessman played by Peter MacLean (The Friends of Eddie Coyle, Squirm). Capturing the neon fashion of the period and featuring hip-top tunes and breakdance moves courtesy of Ice-T (New Jack City, TV's Law & Order: SVU, Surviving the Game) and Cooley Jackson (Moonwalker), along with supporting performances by Susie Coelho (The Norseman), Harry Caesar (The Longest Yard, A Few Good Men) and Ken Olfson (Spaceballs, Mr. Mom), Breakin' 2 Electric Boogaloo is a beloved '80s guilty pleasure.

Other recognizable dancers include Lela Rochon (21 Jump Street, Hanging with Mr. Cooper, Harlem Nights) and Bruno Falcon (Captain EO). The film also includes appearances from Jo De Winter (Gloria, Dirty Harry), Lu Leonard (Annie, Blank Check), and Herb Mitchell (Gettysburg, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me).