Blood Hook (Troma)

Type: New Blu-Ray

It's time for the annual "Muskie Madness'' fishing contest, and the lake is packed with hopeful fishermen. It soon becomes apparent, however, that a psychotic serial killer has also decided to join the festivities. Although the police have determined that the killer is claiming his victims by landing them with giant fish hooks, no clear suspects can be found since everyone is using the exact same hook! What is the killer's goal? And more importantly, can the murders be stopped?

Bonus Materials

Audio Interview With Marsha Kahm Cinematographer and Editor on Blood Hook

First Blood Hook An interview with Lisa Todd

Hook Line And Sinker An interview with Director Jim Mallon

Original Theatrical Trailer

Still Gallery

What's In The Tacklebox An interview with FX artist Jim Suthers

Gizzard Face 2: The Return of Gizzard Face

Troma Short: Blood Stab

Radiation March Promo

Classic Troma Trailers