Bad Dreams / Visiting Hours

Type: New Blu-Ray

This collection features BAD DREAMS (1988) and VISITING HOURS (1982). BAD DREAMS: In the mid-70s, the members of the love cult Unity Fields sought 'the ultimate joining' by dousing themselves with gasoline and committing mass suicide. A young girl blown clear of the fiery explosion was the only survivor. Thirteen years later, Cynthia (Jennifer Rubin, SCREAMERS) awakens from a coma inside a psychiatric hospital with only buried memories of that horrific day. But now, her fellow patients are each being driven to their own violent suicides. Has the sects leader (Richard Lynch, DEATHSPORT) returned to claim his final child? Bruce Abbott (Re-ANIMATOR) co-stars in this i ntense shocker from director Andrew Fleming (THE CRAFT) and producer Gale Anne Hurd (THE TERMINATOR, THE WALKING DEAD). VISITING HOURS: Academy Award winner Lee Grant (1975: Best Supporting Actress, SHAMPOO) stars as outspoken TV journalist Deborah Ballin, whose crusade against domestic violence enrages a creepo loner (a truly disturbing performance by Michael Ironside, SCANNERS) in VisitING HOURS. He brutally attacks the anchorwoman in her home, but Ballin survives and is hospitalized. Her assailant is further enraged: He is haunted by a horrific childhood trauma... and now he has hidden himself inside the hospital to finish what he started. Can anybody (including her concerned boss (William Shatner), a frantic nurse (Linda Purl, HOMELAND) or Deborah herself stop the psychos killing spree before it reaches sick new extremes? Time to find out!