Baba Yaga (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Director Corrado Farina re-edited his film as an exclusive 1st for Shameless in order to show his vision of his film as he intended it to be before his producers hacked it to bits behind his back the day before the film opened in cinemas..!

Director Corrado Farina re-inserted the footage cut by the producers and took that opportunity to also reinsert prior censors cuts…This is Director Corrado Farina’s avowed  “own BABA YAGA”, which he had re-edited for Shameless, now this extended “redux” version is presented for the 1st time on blu-ray, finally doing justice to the filmmaker’s unique original vision…

Perverted dreams and fevered reality are blurred when beautiful witch Baba Yaga (Carroll Baker) gets her sapphic claws into a beautiful young photographer in this rampant adaptation of the classic Guido Crepax comic-book.