Analog Nightmares: The Shot On Video Horror Films of 1982-1995

Type: Books

Richard Mogg

Paperback, 508 pages

The most comprehensive, all-inclusive look at the history and evolution of shot on video horror films. In 1982, "Boardinghouse" became the first shot on video feature-length horror film ever made. Totally lensed on videotape, the film was later transferred to 16mm and blown-up to 35mm for theatrical exhibition. In 1983, David A. Prior shot "Sledgehammer" on video and eventually released the film on videotape. For the first time, analog video became the format used in motion picture productions. It was smeary, messy and it wasn't film... but it was cheap. In 1985, United Home Video boldly released "Blood Cult" with the claim it was "the first movie made for the home video market." The booming popularity of video stores coupled with a never-satisfied demand for content ensured these films longevity. Soon hundreds of titles followed, all video-created features by independent unknowns. They weren't from Hollywood. They weren't trained. But they had a lot of heart and a love for horror. And they made their own movies against the odds. For the first time EVER - "ANALOG NIGHTMARES" has brought these films together. Everything from "Boardinghouse" to "Zombie Holocaust" individually reviewed, categorized and presented chronologically by production year. Over 260 films! Featuring in-depth interviews with the filmmakers themselves - some speaking for the very first time! TIM BOGGS! MARK POLONIA! DONALD FARMER! TIM RITTER! JOEL D. WYNKOOP! DOUG STONE! ANDREA ADAMS! GARY WHITSON! DAVE CASTIGLIONE! PHIL HERMAN! ERIC STANZE! JAMES L. EDWARDS! WALTER RUETHER! TODD JASON COOK! NICK MILLARD! DAVID "THE ROCK" NELSON! RON BONK!