Ace of Wands (DVD, Region B)

Type: New DVD

As quintessentially 70s as Spangles, the Chopper bike and massive flares, ≤ce of Wands introduced a new kind of hero to children’s television: Tarot, a cool magician with psychic powers and a knack for unearthing strange goings on. For three years and with a variety of sidekicks he fought the good fight and thrilled children (and adults!) everywhere, then - in 1974 - he faded from our television screens... until now!

Much sought after and long-awaited, this DVD release contains all remaining episodes (the entirety of series three) and a wealth of special features. So thrill again to Michael Mackenzie’s charming, otherworldly portrayal of Tarot as he fights strange villains in quirky storylines from the likes of P.J. Hammond ( Sapphire and Steel) and Victor Pemberton ( Doctor Who).


  • A Story with No End – a brand new, exclusive documentary on the making of Ace of Wands, featuring contributions from Michael Mackenzie, Trevor Preston, Pamela Lonsdale and many more cast and crew
    • Audio Commentary on Sisters Deadly with Michael Mackenzie,PetraMarkham and Director Darrol Blake
    • Both sequel plays - Dutch Schlitz’s Shoes and Mr. Stabs
    • Commemorative booklet by Archive TV Historian Andrew Pixley
    • Image gallery
    • Script, memorabilia and paperwork archive (PDFs)