A Witch's Bestiary

Type: Books

Maja D'Aoust

Hardcover, 208 pages

A Witch's Bestiary delves through ancient mythological records and esoteric occult sources to encounter and catalog the denizens of the unknown. It takes the reader on a journey through the most fantastical tales of animals previously known to only a precious few. These supernatural beasts are strange reflections of the true nature of humanity and deserve intense study, lest we forget our primitive origins and the animals that live in us all.
This Chthonic adventure digs through both subconscious and conscious awareness, guiding us through suppressed instinctual emotions and feelings. The lessons of the animals from these ancient stories deepen our engagement with the earth, nature, and the living beings of our planet. A keen knowledge of these tales provides a weapon against missteps in our modern-day lives. Once you better acquaint yourself with these strangely familiar mythological beasts, you will understand how they inhabit every person you meet.