Luminous Woman (Limited Edition, Region B) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray


This strange work from Shinji Somai (Typhoon Club) is presented with a brand new 2K restoration from the original negatives

A burly hulk of a man (pro-wrestler Keiji Muto) makes his way from Hokkaido to the decrepit trash heaps of outer Tokyo in a quest to find his beloved fiance, but meets a nightclub diva who has lost the ability to sing. When he finds himself pulled into the gladiator pits of a Tokyo nightclub, the mountain man agrees to fight in exchange for information on his lost love, yet also finds himself drawn to the various pulls of the big city.  

• New 2k remaster from the original negatives
• Making Of (50 minutes)
• Deleted Scenes (50 minutes)
• Trailer
• Slipcase with artwork from Gokaiju
• ‘Directors Company’ edition featuring insert by Jasper Sharp - limited to 2000 copies