Appalachian Book of Definitions, Euphemisms and Sayings

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Folks born and reared in Appalachian towns have a unique language all their own.
Not much will raise northern eyebrows faster than a bit of Appalachian slang interrupting a conversation.
It makes no real sense to apply grammar rules when conversing with Appalachians. I have always applied the rule that Appalachians tend to say what we think and mean what we say.
So, with that, here are the most often used words and their meanings used by Appalachians when I was growing up in a small Kentucky town, and a lot of old timers continue to use them to this day.

A fellow once said that “euphemisms and sayings are unpleasant truths wearing diplomatic cologne.”
In the world outside of small towns most will agree that certain euphemisms can be a bit on the direct side and can sometime be misleading.
For example, in the big city "revenue enhancement" can be a sneaky way of saying "tax increase," and "downsizing" is a bureaucratic way for "firing employees."
It’s not like that in a small town where everybody knows your name and all your relatives and all the family secrets.
Appalachians prefer to be a bit more direct so there is no question about what they are saying and what they mean.
So, with that, you can make your own determination as to what you say and what you mean.

Sayings come as natural to Appalachians as the sun coming up, and, about as often. Most sayings like the ones here start in Appalachia and rapidly move across the world.
Nothing can be as truthful and righteous as when they are aimed at politicians and bureaucrats. Just saying.

Just close your eyes and go back in time before the internet, before cable television, cell phones, electronic games.
Now, Remember When …. we played hide ‘n seek at dusk, red light, green light, and then running to the grocery store to get a Moon Pie and a cold RC Cola.