Cherokee Mythology

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Discover The Spirits and Myths of Cherokee Mythology

The myths, beliefs, and customs of the Cherokees remain illustrative and interesting even today. Cherokee mythology has been recognized as a creative amalgamation of the physical world with the mythical one. This is quite evident in the creation and spiritual tales that we read throughout this book. The Cherokees have been devout worshippers of the Creator, Unetlanvhi, who is their main god. They are still proud of their mythology and wish to keep it alive for generations to come. Today, the sovereign Cherokee Nation has formed communities to promote their culture and keep their native history alive. Since the significance of tribal culture and myths is fading away over time, Native Americans are trying to pass the information to the new generations.

Inside this book you will discover!

Cherokee Gods

Mythological Creatures

Creation Stories

Cherokee Myths

Culture and Customs

And Much More!!