Beauty and the Beast (1978) (Region Free)

Type: New Blu-Ray

From Juraj Herz, director of The Cremator and Morgiana, comes this singular adaption of the classic tale - an altogether darker interpretation than we're used to. Light years from Disney, Herz's Beauty and the Beast (also known more provocatively as The Virgin and the Monster) follows the familiar story - innocent girl presents herself as sacrifice to a cursed man-beast hiding in exile, and learns to live with, and eventually love her captor - but is transformed into something entirely more twisted and terrifying in Herz’s macabre re-imagining.

Aided by wonderful set and costume design, superb cinematography and evocative score, this is a fairy-tale-turned-horror story from Czechoslovak cinema’s most wryly subversive artist.

Presented from a new HD transfer from original materials, our region-free Blu-ray also features a new Projecton Booth commentary, Tomáš Škrdlant's 1964 short film on writer and poet František Hrubín and a booklet with new writing on the film by Jonathan Owen.

Special Features

• Presented from a new HD transfer from original materials created by the Czech National Film Archive, Prague.

• An all-new Projection Booth commentary with Samm Deighan, Kat Ellinger and Mike White.

• František Hrubín (1964): a short film on the Czech writer and poet, and co-screenwriter of Beauty and the Beast.

• 20-page booklet with new writing on the film by author and film historian Jonathan Owen.

• New and improved English subtitle translation.

• Region free Blu-ray (A/B/C)