The Owl Service: The Complete Series (Region B, DVD)

Type: New DVD

The definitive adaptation of Alan Garner's award-winning novel, combining mystery, adventure, history and the legend surrounding a complex set of human relationships.

 Filmed almost entirely on location in the Summer of 1969, The Owl Service was a radical production that raised the bar for what the viewing public could expect of a teenage drama. This tale of the supernatural, sexual jealousy and class division broke new ground, with both bold direction from Peter Plummer and bravura performances from a cast of largely unknown actors. Originally shown in black and white this was, in fact, the first fully scripted programme made in colour by Granada Television.

 Alison and her step-brother Roger go for the summer family holiday to a remote cottage in the Welsh Valleys. After hearing a scratching noise coming from the attic, Alison discovers some old dinner plates which have a strange floral pattern on them and, when she traces the pattern on paper, discovers that the flowers turn into owls. But what is the connection between the plates, the gardener, the angry housekeeper and the mysterious local legend?

Gradually the weird power of the valley takes over and the legend begins to unfold...


Special Features:

[] archive interview with Alan Garner

[] stills gallery

[] PDF material

[] commemorative booklets that includes an article on the making of the series and reminiscences from both Gillian Hills and Ray Llewellyn