Haunted / The Ferryman (DVD, Region B)

Type: New DVD

Featuring the directorial talents of John Irvin and Michael Apted, and adapted by noted screenwriters Robin Chapman and Julian Bond, these two single plays dramatise spine-chilling tales in which unsuspecting characters are plunged into the realm of the supernatural. Originally aired over the Christmas period in 1974, both plays are released here for the first time.

Kingsley Amis’s ¬The Ferryman stars Jeremy Brett as a young writer who escapes for a weekend in the country, only to find that his hotel increasingly comes to bear a resemblance to the setting of his bestselling novel; bafflement turns to alarm as he realises he may have to face the terrifying climax of his own story.
Starring Jeremy Brett, Lesley Dunlop, Natasha Parry, Geoffrey Chater and Ray Mort

Elizabeth Taylor’s Poor Girl is the story of an Edwardian governess who leaves home to take up her first post, but finds herself trapped in a house whose strange forces threaten to engulf her.
Starring Lynne Miller, Stuart Wilson, Angela Thorne and Robert Swales