A Walk in a Darker Wood: An Anthology of Folk Horror

Type: Books

Paperback, 368 pages

Come, take a walk in a darker wood with us. Join us in a haunted place where Pan walks free, where the Dark Mother holds her shadow children close, and where the full moon rides high in the night, whispering secrets of a forgotten past into the wind. Come closer and listen to these tales of a darker nature from the minds of …•Manuel Arenas•Chelsea Arrington•Hayley Arrington•David Barker•Adam Bolivar•Phil Breach•Scott J. Couturier•Ashley Dioses• S. L. Edwards •Maxwell I. Gold•John Linwood Grant•Jill Hand•John H. Howard•Maquel Jacob•Shayne K. Keen•David Myers• K. A. Opperman •Duane Pesice•Rachel E. Robinson• A. P. Sessler •William Tea•Russell Smeaton•Michael Walker•Sarah Walker • Gordon B. White •Can Wiggins•Ivan ZoricWith a forward by Sarah Walker, Scott J. Couturier and Shayne Keen and artwork byDan Sauer, Sarah Walker, Alan Sessler and Kai Bryan, this book is sure to satisfy. Come walk with us…we are waiting for you….