Witchcraft Coloring Book

Type: Books

Color and relax to unlock your inner magick

Using your hands and imagination to color and create is a natural way to relieve stress—and connect to some of the core components of witchcraft. This magical coloring book offers beautiful artwork for you to fill with your own flair, inspiring you to express yourself, release your worries, and invite healthy energy into your life.

What sets this book apart from other coloring books for adults:

  • Different designs—Explore images that range from simple to intricate, featuring witchy imagery like candles, familiars, herbs, crystals, altar setups, and more.
  • The magic of self-care—Discover how witchcraft and the tactile experience of coloring can combine to encourage peace, calm, and focus.
  • Getting hands-on with art—Color your way through full-size images that are printed on single-sided pages so you can keep them to display or add them to your book of shadows.


Settle your thoughts and open your mind with the Witchcraft Magick Coloring Book for Adults.