Casino Tycoon (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Mega star actor Andy Lau (INFERNAL AFFAIRS/ A MOMENT OF ROMANCE) teamed up with his GOD OF GAMBLERS muse - director Wong Jing for another classic tale of casino corruption and money making ambition in colonial Macau with 1992's CASINO TYCOON. An instant hit in its native Hong Kong, this slick and suave period thriller, set during World War 2, is a tense adventure into the shady Macanese underworld and should appeal to any buff of the golden age of Cantonese crime shockers! Also starring the stunning Hong Kong cinema legend Chingmy Yau - who became an over night sensation in the West thanks to 1992's torrid actioner NAKED KILLER - CASINO TYCOON is another ace in the sleeve of 88 Films' ever expanding and acclaimed Asian cinema collection!


Audio Commentary by Hong-Kong cinema expert Bey Logan

Reverse Sleeve featuring Original Hong Kong Poster Art