Pledge Night (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

101 Films presents hellish hazing horror Pledge Night (1990), released on Blu-ray for the first time in the UK. Combining absurd humour and grisly violence, and featuring a soundtrack from thrash metal icons Anthrax, Pledge Night is a unique serving of weird, sleazy terror.

It's hazing season at Phi Up and the boys are up to all sorts of nasty pranks on their hapless pledges, in between regular bouts of 'wetting their whistles' at the campus watering hole…with some of the area's beautiful sorority babes. But this is going to be one literal 'hell week' as they unwittingly unleash the spirit of Acid Sid; an unfortunate pledge who was accidentally dissolved in acid during a hazing prank gone wrong some 20 years earlier. As the helpless fratboys and pledges fall victim to Sid's wrath and seemingly indestructible towering zombie corpse, it's up to the stragglers to figure out how to kill someone who's been dead for two decades, or die trying.

Special Features

“Hell Weeks” - a video interview with director Paul Ziller

“Graduating to Horror” - a video interview with writer/producer Joyce Snyder

“Hazing From Hell” - a video interview with actor Robert Lentini

“The Bad Man” - a video interview with actor Arthur Lundquist

Locations featurette

Original theatrical Trailer