The Pole and Whistle (Solar Press)

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''I'll wait for you in the Whistle.''

The forgotten classic of gay British literature, finally back in print.

A sublime and beautiful novel from one of England's most tragically forgotten authors, in the spirit of James Baldwin and Yukio Mishima.

The Pole and Whistle tells the story of John Anselm—mid-20s, directionless, on his way to becoming an alcoholic—and his intense, liberating, and self-destructive romance with Frank, a petty criminal a decade older than him. 

George Moor's vivid presentation of the underground gay scene of 1960s Lancashire sets the stage for a compassionate and brutal dissection of the novel's two central characters.

Receiving only one printing in 1966, and sensationally marketed on the cover as 'a frank novel of today's most controversial subject', The Pole and Whistle flopped on release and has been left to languish in obscurity for close to sixty years.

Solar Press are proud to present this new edition of The Pole and Whistle to a new generation of readers, and we hope that the novel can now find the wider audience it was denied upon initial release.