Super Mario Bros. (4K UHD, Region Free) w/SLIP

Type: New 4K UHD


Featuring a brand new 4K restoration from original camera negative. This 2 disc release uses classic artwork (Note: artwork subject to change) and includes more extras than you can shake a Goomba at! Only from Umbrella Entertainment!

Loved by young fans of the Super Mario Bros video game, made with a huge budget and stellar cast, this sci-fi action thriller from 1993 has attained cult status for its audacious script and special effects.

Blast off for nonstop excitement with the first ever live-action adaptation of a popular video game!

Note: Artwork subject to change

Buckle up and hang on tight - the discovery of a parallel universe launches you into the adventure of a lifetime! Mario and Luigi, two wacky plumbers, undertake a daring quest to save a princess in "Dinohattan" - a hidden world where the inhabitants evolved from dinosaurs! Mario (Bob Hoskins - WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT) and Luigi (John Leguizamo, MOULIN ROUGE!) face deadly challenges from a diabolical lizard king (Dennis Hopper - APOCALYPSE NOW) and must battle giant reptilian goombas, outwit misfit thugs, and undermine a sinister scheme to take over the world!

Director: Annabel Jankel, Rocky Morton

Cast: Bob Hoskins ; Dennis Hopper; John Leguizamo

DISC 1 4K UHD100

  • NEW! Feature film from brand new 4K master
  • NEW! Audio Commentary with Parker Bennett (screenwriter)
  • NEW! Audio Commentary with Fred Caruso (co-producer) and David L. Snyder (production designer)
  • NEW! Audio Commentary with Jeff Goodwin (key makeup artist), Mark McCoy (special effects crew) and Craig Edwards (production assistant)
  • NEW! Audio Commentary with Steven Applebaum & Ryan Hoss (Super Mario Bros. The Movie archivists)
  • NEW! Newly restored 4K deleted scenes
  • NEW! Newly restored 4K Ain't No Game trailer
  • NEW! Newly restored 4K I've Got The Power trailer

  • DISC 2 Blu-ray

  • NEW! Newly restored workprint in HD
  • NEW! Storyboard to Screen animatics
  • NEW! Academic Featurettes
    • Katabasis of the Lost Girl
    • Anarcho-Dino-Sado Chic: The Fashion of Dinohattan
    • The Hero Moment: Super Mario, Superhero
    • (D)evolution, Dystopia, and Trusting the Fungus
  • NEW! Spike & Iggy Revolutionary Rap music video restored with new music composed by Richard Edson
  • NEW! Anti-Koopa protest music video
  • NEW! Collection of archival Japanese trailers
  • NEW! Collection of archival commercials
    • This Ain't No Video Game Featurette (55mins)
    • 'Making Of' Featurette (25mins)
    • Original electronic press kit with cast interviews and behind-the-scenes footage
    • Galleries: Stills, storyboards and concepts