Blaxploitation Cinema: The Essential Reference Guide

Type: Books

Josiah Howard

Hardcover, 224 pages

Dazzling, highly stylized, excessively violent and brimming with sex, blaxploitation films enjoyed a brief but memorable period in motion picture history. Never before – and never since – have so many African American performers been featured in films, not in bit parts, but in name-above-the-title starring roles.

25 years after they first thrilled audiences the body of films known as blaxploitation are enjoying a renaissance. These pictures continue to captivate film fans, and the entire genre, with its bevy of colourful, utterly-contemporary film characters, irresistible soundtrack albums and catchy film titles, is taking its rightful place among the entertainment industry’s most enjoyed, and influential, movies.

Answering the call for a fresh and appreciative look back at a distinctly American motion picture phenomenon, Blaxploitation Cinema: The Essential Reference Guide is the first truly comprehensive examination of the genre, its films, its trends and its far-reaching impact, covering every blaxploitation film in detail.

* A comprehensive introduction to the genre.

* Interviews with ten renowned blaxploitation movie directors.

* A complete filmography of blaxploitation’s golden age (1970-1980).

* More than 250 movie listings, which include cast and crew credits along with a full synopsis.

* Vintage and contemporary film reviews, critiques and commentary plus taglines, ratings, and extensive cross-referencing.