Wisconsin Death Trip (DVD, Region B)

Type: New DVD

A most extraordinary experience awaits those with a taste for the strange and the bizarre in the small town of Black River Falls. Rocked by an inexplicable confluence of events in the late 1890s, this sleepy Wisconsin town generated some of the most unlikely news reports and stories ever told. Previously harmless residents – including children – commit a series of gruesome, violent murders. Sightings of ghosts and reports of haunting and possession run rife. An epidemic sweeps through the town and takes with it some of the residents’ newest born sons and daughters. Extreme cases of paranoia, insanity and delirium plague the townsfolk. And the population finds itself terrorized by a cocaine-snorting madwoman with a taste for smashing windows. Based on documented accounts and narrated by award-winning British actor Ian Holm, this haunting and surreal film beautifully evokes the otherworldly spirit and wayward madness of a time and place marked by an altogether unreal set of circumstances. Bizarre. But true.