Underneath: An Anthology Of Terror

Type: New Blu-Ray


An anthology comprised of five chapters, an epilogue, and several mind-bending vignettes that are bound together by something unnatural and sinister.

An unstable individual is lured back to his country home by dark, mysterious forces, only to find that the house itself is a conduit into hell. Breaches in the basement spew forth a mysterious black fluid carrying whispers of insanity, tales of terror and corruption... An anthology of madness and horror from 'the other side'. Filmed in Canada and contributing to the canon of horror and cult Canuxploitation films, this wildly original five-part anthology film will appeal to fans of Horror Anthologies and to purveyors of the weird and strange.

Bonus Materials

  • Director’s Commentary
  • Isolated Score Track
  • Bonu Short Film “Glimpse” by director John Nicol