Ultraman Gaia (DVD)

Type: New DVD


All 52 Episodes of this classic ULTRAMAN series!

This is the story of the battle of the two Ultramen, Gaia and Agul, who protect the Earth from the Root Of Destruction, an unprecedented threat prophesied to attack the planet!


A wormhole in space forms just outside the Earth's atmosphere and monstrous creatures descend upon the world's cities. A top-secret global defense organization code-named GUARD is established to counter the attacks. Young GAM TAKAYAMA discovers the power to transform himself into the gigantic superhero ULTRAMAN GAIA, and joins X.I.G., GUARD's front line defense team. A second Ultraman appears. But is this new colossus friend or foe?




E1 Seize the Light!

E2 A Hero Appears

E3 His Name is Gaia

E4 Gamu of the Sky

E5 Another Giant

E6 The Ridiculing Eye

E7 Cleansing of the Earth

E8 The 4 Billion 6 Hundred-Million-Year-Old Ghost

E9 Seagull Takes Off

E10 Rock Fight

E11 The City where the Dragon Lies

E12 Monster Encircling Net

E13 Night of the Marionettes

E14 Challenge from the Anti-Space

E15 When the Rain Stops

E16 Birth of Agul

E17 Shadow of the Sky, Light of the Earth

E18 Agul vs Gaia

E19 Lilia's Labyrinth

E20 The Fossil of Ruin

E21 The Sea of a Mysterious Light

E22 Stone Wings

E23 Gamu Expelled!

E24 Determination of Agul

E25 The Showdown for Tomorrow

E26 The Final Resolution

E27 A New Battle: Version-Up Fight!

E28 The Advent of the Heatwave

E29 Distant City, Uqbar

E30 The Demon's Cocoon

E31 The Accursed Eye

E32 The Future Seen Before

E33 Battling the Legend

E34 Crash of Souls!

E35 Ransom for a Monster

E36 The Sky of Reunion

E37 Fourth Symphony of a Nightmare

E38 Ground-Breaking Tusks!

E39 The Lake of Sadness

E40 I Want to Meet Gaia!

E41 Resurrection of Agul

E42 Gamu vs Gamu

E43 The Silver Eyes of Izak

E44 The Attack of the Space Monsters

E45 The Living Planet

E46 The Attack of the Forest

E47 XIG Destroyed!?

E48 The Revenge of the Death God

E49 An Angel Descends

E50 Cry of the Earth

E51 Earth is the Star of Ultraman