Twentynine Palms (Limited Edition, Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

David is scouting locations for a film shoot, Katia is his girlfriend and a willing travel companion. Together they journey through the barren landscapes of Twentynine Palms, fighting, making love, arguing and making up. Yet there is a darkness following them, an ever present danger that is waiting to catch up with them… even in the middle of nowhere.

Fractured Visions is proud to present French provocateur Bruno Dumont’s brutal experimental horror, in HD, to the UK for the very first time. A film as divisive now as it was upon release, Twentynine Palms remains Dumont’s most stunning and daring work to date.

Collector’s Edition Special Content

Collector’s Edition Slipcase with new artwork by Drusilla Adeline/Sister Hyde

Collector’s Edition Booklet: Includes new writings by Martyn Conterio and Chris Campion

6 Art Cards

Limited to 2,000 units

Special Features


Audio commentary by Alexandra West

Audio Commentary by Travis Crawford

Road to Nowhere: Video Essay by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas

Self-Annihilation: An interview with David Wissak

Two archival interviews with Bruno Dumont 

Archival interview with producer Rachid Bouchareb

Uncut archival ‘Making of’ documentary