Treasury of Folklore: Seas & Rivers

Type: Books

Hardcover, 192 pages

A beautiful and enthralling collection of folkore of the sea, rivers, and lakes from around the world.

Folklore of the sea and rivers has a resonance in cultures all over the world. Watery hopes, fears, and dreams are shared by all peoples where rivers flow and waves crash. From English sailor superstitions to shapeshifting pink dolphins of the Amazon, from monsters of the deep, to Scylla and Charybdis and waterfall folklore. The book covers the tales of the bunyip from Australian billabongs, the water horses of the Scottish lochs, and the monstrous mhalla that lurk in Maltese wells. It isn't all rooted in the past—they also tell modern-day urban legends such as the ghost passengers that appeared in Japan after the 2011 tsunami. In this beautifully illustrated book with stunning woodcuts, authors Dee Dee Chainey and Willow Winsham tell tales of mermaids, selkies, and sirens; of ghostly ships, the fountains of youth, and the demigod Maui.