The Spell Book of a Wicked Witch

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The Spell Book of a Wicked Witch: Magic Spells To Curse Your Enemies, Hex Your Ex, And Jinx The Jerks in Your Life

Thalia Thorn

Paperback, 210 pages

Sometimes the only way to get justice is to make it for yourself.

Many modern witches believe that you should only use magic to bring positive energy into the world, and most spell books teach you those types of spells. This spell book is different. This spell book is wicked.

There are times when you will be hurt by someone you loved, betrayed by someone you trusted, maligned by someone you thought was your friend.  Times when the magic of light and love just will not do.

Thalia Thorne is an experienced witch and falls firmly into the camp that knows that there is no such thing as “white magic” or “black magic”. Magic is what you turn to when mundane methods have failed or just won’t work. If you’re not pushing back against those who would walk all over you, then you’re just going to end up being a doormat.

This spell book will teach you how to make your own justice and stand up for yourself. For example, you’ll find:

Agony of Acne Curse - to give someone a pimple

Sour Break Up Spell - to end a relationship

Banish Your Ex Hex - to drive them away forever

Business Butcher Curse - to destroy a business

Liar’s Lamentation - to find out who has been spreading lies

And over 50 other spells that use simple ingredients and provide step-by-step directions that a beginner can follow.

The next time someone wrongs you, will you turn the other cheek?