The Brood (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Director: David Cronenberg


Starring: Robert A. Silverman, Henry Beckman, Christopher Britton, Nicholas Campbell, Samantha Eggar


Frank Carveth is becoming increasingly concerned about his ex-wife Nola's secretive treatment at the sinister Somafree Institute of Psychoplasmics headed by cult figure Dr Raglan. The doctor's controversial and extreme methods seek to unleash his patients' rage, often taking on physical manifestations. As Frank delves deeper he is finally led to a horrific and repellent final confrontation.

Bonus Features

Meet The Carveths: stars Art Hindle & Cindy Hinds, interviewed by Fangoria Editor Chris Alexander

Look Of Rage: interview with Cinematographer Mark Irwin

Producing The Brood: interview with Producer Pierre David

Character For Cronenberg: interview with Actor Robert A.Silverman

Cronenberg: The Early Years: Writer/Director David Cronenberg discusses how he broke into filmmaking