The Witch's Mirror (US Standard Edition)

Type: New Blu-Ray

The Witch’s Mirror (US Standard Edition)

The Witch's Mirror (El espejo de la bruja) is a beautiful, atmospheric, and uniquely Mexican take on the Gothic horror film.

When Elena (Dina de Marco) is murdered by her husband, Eduardo (Armando Calvo), the couple's housekeeper, Sara (Isabela Corona), plots to take revenge. Summoning Elena through the witch’s mirror, Sara exacts ghastly vengeance upon Eduardo and his new wife, Deborah (Rosita Arenas).

Directed by Chano Urueta (The Brainiac), The Witch's Mirror draws inspiration from such sources as Edgar Allen Poe, Rebecca, and Eyes Without a Face.


  • High Definition remaster
  • Original Spanish mono soundtrack
  • Alternative English mono soundtrack
  • Audio commentary with film historian and Mexican cinema specialist David Wilt (2023) • Rosita Arenas at Mexico Maleficarum (2022, 13 mins): the celebrated actor in conversation with film programmer, curator, and resurrector of twentieth-century Mexican horror cinema, Abraham Castillo Flores, filmed at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures in October 2022 • Mondo Macabro: ‘Mexican Horror Movies’ (2001, 23 mins): episode of Pete Tombs and Andy Starke’s fondly remembered British television series, providing an overview of Mexican genre cinema from the 1950s to the 1970s • Original Spanish-language theatrical trailer • Image gallery: promotional and publicity material