The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories: Volume Three

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The Valancourt Book of Horror Stories

Volume Three

​Edited by James D. Jenkins and Ryan Cagle

Since 2005, Valancourt Books has earned a reputation as one of the foremost publishers of lost and rediscovered classics, reissuing more than 400 unjustly neglected works from the past 250 years. In this third volume of horror stories, the editors of Valancourt Books have selected fifteen tales (and one macabre poem) – all by Valancourt authors – for this new collection featuring horror from the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. This volume features previously unpublished contributions by Steve Rasnic Tem, Eric C. Higgs, and Hugh Fleetwood, as well as thirteen other tales that have never or seldom been reprinted.

​In this volume, you will encounter tales of ghosts, haunted houses, black magic, monsters, demonic babies, and vengeful spirits. Stories of the strange and sinister, of a boy who unwisely disobeys his grandfather's warning never to go up the stairs, a man whose apparently irrational terror of fire proves all too justified, an unpopular man who discovers a shocking new way of making friends, an ancestor who exerts a chilling influence from beyond the grave. With stories ranging from frightening to horrific to weird to darkly humorous, by a lineup of authors that includes both well-known masters of horror fiction and acclaimed authors of literary fiction, this is a horror anthology like no other.

Table of Contents

Foreword by James D. Jenkins and Ryan Cagle

Don't Go Up Them Stairs (1971) by R. Chetwynd-Hayes

Courage (1918/1941) by Forrest Reid

Pete Barker's Shanty (1898) by Ernest G. Henham

The Parts Man (2018) by Steve Rasnic Tem

The Face in the Mirror (1903) by Helen Mathers

The Life of the Party (2013) by Charles Beaumont

The Poet Gives His Friend Wildflowers (2018) by Hugh Fleetwood

Monkshood Manor (1954) by L. P. Hartley

Blood of the Kapu Tiki (2018) by Eric C. Higgs

On No Account, My Love (1955) by Elizabeth Jenkins

Underground (1974) by J. B. Priestley

Mr Evening (1968) by James Purdy

Mothering Sunday (1960) by John Keir Cross

The Bottle of 1912 (1961) by Simon Raven

“With What Measure Ye Mete . . .” (1906) by Ethel Lina White

Beelzebub (1992) by Robert Westall