The Trollenberg Terror (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

When inexplicable deaths and other strange events occur in the Swiss Alps, American scientist Alan Brooks wants to get to the bottom of the matter. The supernaturally gifted Ann Pilgrim is also attracted by the unusual cloud that has settled in the mountains near the town of Trollenberg. Everyone involved soon discovers that there is a terrible secret hidden in the cloud that endangers all of humanity.

THE DEVIL'S CLOUD OF MONTEVILLE, written by cult screenwriter Jimmy Sangster, delivers perfect British science fiction entertainment in the style of the great Quatermass films from the British Hammer Studios. Headless mountain climbers and nightmarish creatures, all embedded in a fantastic story, guarantee good entertainment with a film from the great era of British science fiction cinema, which inspired John Carpenter to create his success THE FOG OF HORRORS.

- Audio commentary with Ingo Schnurr and Pelle Felsch
- Audio commentary with John Carpenter
- Interview with Brian Johnson
- German theatrical version (1.37:1)
- German cinema trailer
- British theatrical trailer
- USA theatrical trailer + double feature trailer
- Super 8 version
- Film program
- Advertising advice
- Image gallery