The Silent House aka La Casa Muda (Original 2010 Version, Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray
Inspired by true events, Silent House was filmed in one continuous, amazingly relentless shot with no edits. One of the most terrifying, intense and horrific films in modern horror, it’s also one of the most groundbreaking since The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity.

Shy, introverted Laura and her jaded father have promised to clean an old friend’s property in order for it to be sold. Travelling deep into the hostile, unforgiving landscape of rural Uruguay, they are to spend the night in an isolated, run down cottage. With no civilisation for hundreds of miles and no electricity or modern conveniences within the property, Laura begins to dread the on coming night. As darkness prevails her father investigates a strange noise from the above floor. When he doesn’t return, Laura has nothing but fear to console her. But she’s not alone. Something is waiting in the shadows, something that knows her worst nightmares.