The Passionate Stranger (Region B) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray


THE PASSIONATE STRANGER (1957) centres around happily married house-wife Judith Wynter (Margaret Leighton) who keeps the fact she is a best-selling author of steamy romance novels, a closely guarded secret.  As her husband Roger (Ralph Richardson), recovers from a serious illness, the couple’s new driver Carlo (Carlo Justini) discovers the manuscript of Judith’s latest novel and jumps to a rather unfortunate conclusion, making life in the Wynter household very complicated indeed!  Boldly experimental in form and an entertaining riposte to the romance novel. Extras: An Out and Out Feminist: Muriel Box and The Passionate Stranger. The Woman Behind the Picture:  Archive interview with Muriel Box Part 1. Behind the Scenes stills gallery. Original Trailer