The Long Farewell (Region B) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray


Filmed in 1971, Kira Muratova's THE LONG FAREWELL was banned and shelved, not to be screened in Perestroika until 1987. Despite the continued censorship Muratova's work received, she still managed to emerge as one of the leading figures in Ukrainian and Russian cinema, building a very successful film career from the 1960s onwards due to her boundary pushing directorial approach and aesthetics. THE LONG FAREWELL traces the rift that grows between an emotionally impulsive single mother (Zinaida Sharko) and her increasingly resentful teenage son (Oleg Vladimirsky), who destroys her world when he announces he wishes to live with his father. Extras: Interview with Dr. Elena Gorfinkel, Isabel Jacobs on The Long Farewell