The Frightened City (Region B) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray

1960s crime drama starring Sean Connery as Paddy Damion, a thief who is recruited by mobster Harry Foulcher (Alfred Marks) to oversee his money collection.

Paddy is no thug but takes the job because his partner has been injured in a robbery and he feels obligated to support him.

Foulcher is actually the puppet of criminal mastermind Zhernikov (Herbert Lom), who has the image of a respectable businessman but is in fact manipulating the local mobsters for his own ends.

Also in the mix are the beautiful Anya (Yvonne Romain), wannabe singer and Zhernikov's mistress, to whom Paddy immediately takes a shine, and Sayers (John Gregson) the dedicated cop trying to crack open organised crime.