The First Turn-On!

Type: New Blu-Ray

On the last day of summer at Camp Big-Tee-Pee, all the teenage campers are crazy with hormones and eager to go home. While on a nature walk with ditzy hippie camp counselor Michelle Farmer, four students - self-proclaimed stud Mitch, his girlfriend Annie, overweight Henry, and nerd Danny - break off from the rest of the group to indulge in some cannabis. They take refuge in a nearby cave, only to be caught in the act by Michelle some time later. While being shooed out, Henry's flatulence causes a landslide, trapping the five of them inside. To pass the time until their eventual rescue, the group shares stories of how each lost their virginity.

Bonus Materials

  • Digitally Masturbated Feature Presentation
  • Red Hot Lloyd Kaufman Introduction
  • The Naked Truth About Troma! Flashbacks With Troma's Early Stars
  • Steamy Director's Commentary
  • No Regional Coding Fore-Playable Worldwide!
  • Sheila Kennedy New 2019 Interview
  • Classic Troma Trailers