The Endeavours of Sherlock Holmes

Type: Books

A banker finds a photograph of a woman who later appears to him on the street. Could she be leading him to an inexorable appointment with fate? Does she even exist?


The Adeptus Exemptus and Imperator of the Esoteric Society of the Roseate Morn is being menaced by a magician with an improbable name. Could there be something to his curse?


Can Holmes and a young girl solve a 300-year-old riddle about her family before the Christmas pudding is served?


Who is Cassandra and why was she trying to disgorge a fish from her throat?


Join Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson as they untangle these mysteries and several others while encountering criminals, spies, and the occasional English eccentric. The eight stories collected in The Endeavours of Sherlock Holmes are traditional pastiches, several of which have appeared previously in such publications as Sherlock Holmes Mystery Magazine and The MX Book of New Sherlock Holmes Stories.