The Deadly Bees

Type: New Blu-Ray

First there was The Birds. Now there's The Deadly Bees. Something terrifying is taking place on Seagull Island. When pop singer Vicki Robbins (Suzanna Leigh, Lust For A Vampire) arrives at the island to recuperate from nervous exhaustion, she'll soon discover that the cottage belonging to beekeeper Ralph Hargrove (Guy Doleman, Thunderball) and his wife Mary (Catherine Finn, The Creeping Flesh) is not the idyllic accommodation she'd hoped for. Following a series of deadly bee attacks, Vicki becomes an amateur detective at the urging of the island's other beekeeper, the mysterious H.W. Manfred (Frank Finlay, The Three Musketeers) uncovering clues to determine if the deaths were accidental or murder. What she discovers will put her life in grave danger in The Deadly Bees. From Freddie Francis, the renowned cinematographer of Glory (for which he'd win his second Academy Award) and the director of the spine-chilling Dr. Terror's House of Horrors, comes The Deadly Bees written for the screen by Robert Bloch (author of the novel Psycho) and Anthony Marriott (The Ghost of Monk's Island) based on the novel A Taste For Honey by H.F. Heard.