The Dark History of the Occult

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'No one can deny Roland is a complete master of his subject' - Colin Wilson (The Occult)

From black magic murders to satanic sex cults, occult expert Paul Roland traces the history of the Black Arts and the roots of these strange and evil practices.

This illustrated account includes detailed explorations of animal sacrifice, exorcisms and the influence of Satanism in today's world, from rock music and ritual murders in the USA to other necromantic practices worldwide. Roland asks what evidence is there that demonic entities exist, and, if not, what draws people to these dark practices?

• The origins of our belief in devils and demons
• How Hitler and the Nazis invoked the forces of darkness and destruction
• The twisted practices of English occultist Aleister Crowley
• What attracted celebrities to the Church of Satan and how a curse caused the death of Hollywood star Jayne Mansfield
• The part played by American chat show hosts in the Satanic abuse scandal of the 1980s.

The Dark History of the Occult examines whether Satanic Forces are simply the emergence of the dark side of human nature, or whether we really do have something to fear - namely, evil.