The Book of Divination

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This beautiful gold-embossed hardback reveals the hidden mysteries of divination, from tarot to palmistry.


Since time immemorial, human beings have tried to understand the forces of fate through a variety of imaginative and mystical means. Whether it's reading tea leaves, using tarot or playing cards, palmistry, or crystal ball gazing, the history of fortune-telling is a long and fascinating one.


The Book of Divination is the perfect companion for mastering these prophetic arts, presented in an elegant Wibalin bound volume with gilded page edges. Illustrations, diagrams and charts are included to aid you as well as short histories of each divination tradition.



• Tarot

• Tea leaf reading

• Crystal astrology

• I Ching

• Numerology

• Palmistry

• Runes

• Prophetic dreaming

• Astrology


With suggested further reading, this enlightening guide provides a wonderful introduction into divining techniques and makes a perfect gift.