The Arsène Lupin Collection: Deluxe 4-Book Hardcover Boxed Set

Type: Books

This luxurious clothbound box set features the first four of Maurice Leblanc's classic book series about the ultimate gentleman thief, Arsène Lupin! The box features gold-embossed cover designs, colored endpapers, and more to delight fans of bestselling mysteries.

Set in 20th century France, this series follows the enigmatic outlaw Lupin as he outwits the police, solves complex puzzles and steals priceless treasures. A charming and trustworthy personality, he utilizes many disguises to manipulate the rich and hoodwink the police. Follow him as he pulls off elaborate heists and outwits cunning adversaries - including the strangely familiar 'Herlock Sholmès' - all while maintaining his suave demeanor.

This box box set includes:
• The Gentleman Thief
• Herlock Sholmes
• Hollow Needle
• 813

Featuring beautiful clothbound volumes and gold-embossed cover designs, this box set makes a wonderful gift or collectible for any lover of classic literature.