Tenement: Game Of Survival

Type: New Blu-Ray

Slaughter in the South Bronx! The game is played with knives, guns, drugs and sex... There can only be one winner! New HD film transfer from the original 35mm negative! Classic 80 s exploitation from cult director Roberta Findlay, the mistress of mayhem! Too violent to be rated! The sordid story of a South Bronx apartment building ruled by a gang of crazed, junkie punks. After witnessing the miscreants shooting up heroin and munching on rats, apartment resident Hector gets fed up and calls the cops on the band of basement squatter low-lifes. The police haul them in but justice, unsurprisingly, does not prevail. Immediately upon their release, the gang returns with only one thing on their drug-damaged minds- revenge! Their plan is simple- a hostile takeover of the tenement. With their unique brand of terrorism, torture and slaughter, they plot to pay back every tenant, one floor at a time. Also known as Slaughter in The South Bronx, this notorious urban shocker was slapped with an X rating for its graphic depictions of violence! Special Features: Interview and audio commentary by director Roberta Findlay, Original Trailer, TV and Radio Spots, Photo Gallery.