Teenagers From Outer Space / The Giant Leeches

Type: New Blu-Ray

Being the brain child of auteur, Tom Graeff, 1959's TEENAGERS FROM OUTER SPACE, stretches the limits of imagination. Filmed on an incredibly low budget of less than $20,000, using mismatched film short-ends and prerecorded dialog, the movie manages to rise above its meager limitations. Gay director, Graeff, shaken by the initial failure of his production, attempted to legally change his name to Jesus Christ II, failing in that, he later committed suicide.

Joining TEENAGERS is the fan-favorite monsterfest from 1959, THE GIANT LEECHES, produced by Gene Corman and starring the smoking hot, Playboy sex kitten, Yvette Vickers. While revealing its obvious low-budget seams, the movie manages to generate some actual chills as the titled leeches feed off their victims in an underwater cave, leading to horrific, but predictable, results.


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