Tapeheads (DVD, Region Free)

Type: New DVD

All-region pressing of the 1988 cult comedy produced by Mike Nesmith. Ivan and Josh (John Cusask and Tim Robbins) are a pair of unemployed security guards who are seeking to fulfill a lifelong dream of music-video production. Along the way they encounter the worst the music & television business has to offer, falling victim to a few scams while clinging to their unbeatable optimism. Finally they hit upon an idea to resurrect a long-dead 1960s group, with disastrous results, Blues legends Junior Walker & Sam Moore make appearances and the film also features Bo Diddley & Devo. This comedy takes a twist when the pair receive a potentially damaging videotape of a prominent politician indulging in a bizarre fetish and the two try to cash in on their find. 4:3 aspect ratio / Letterboxed. NTSC/0.