The Last Broadcast (US Limited Edition)

Type: New Blu-Ray

In 1995 a four-man team from the cable-access program Fact or Fiction braved the desolate New Jersey Pine Barrens determined to deliver a live broadcast of legendary monster, the Jersey Devil. Only one came out alive. The lone survivor was sentenced to life in prison, but filmmaker David Leigh is convinced that he's innocent. Could the Jersey Devil still haunt the barrens?

101 Films presents trailblazing thriller The Last Broadcast (1998). Released on Blu-ray for the first time, Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler's chilling feature debut is a landmark in the history of the found footage genre. This Limited Edition Blu-ray release includes a new 30 minute interview with the directors, newly-commissioned slipcase artwork from legendary comics artist Stephen R. Bissette, and a booklet with expert writing on the film and the found footage genre from the directors of feature documentary "The Found Footage Phenomenon" (2021).


Bonus Materials
A New Broadcast: Interviews with co-directors Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler
Limited Edition Booklet: Includes 'Welcome to the Digital Age: The Last Broadcast and the horrors of the Internet' by Phillip Escott and 'Fact or Fiction?' by Sarah Appleton
Commentary with co-directors Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler (1999)
Commentary with co-directors Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler (2006)
Behind-the-scenes documentary: Production
Behind-the-scenes documentary: Post-production
Behind-the-scenes documentary: Distribution
Exclusive interviews
Fact or Fiction: rare clips from the infamous public access show
Jim Seward: Alive and Well performing two folk songs
Lucas: What really happened?
Gallery of Gore: Pine Barrens murder crime scene and autopsy images, Last Broadcast poster and box art from around the globe