Street Trash (Limited Edition Padded Mediabook, Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

A New York liquor dealer finds a dusty box in his basement containing an unknown drink labeled Viper. Without further ado, the drink is sold for little money to the ever-thirsty clientele consisting of Vietnam veterans and bums, who will do anything to drown their lost existence in alcohol. Nobody suspects that Viper has a deadly side effect. When you drink it, your body changes - it melts and explodes!

- 80-page booklet with many rare photos, exclusive interview with Roy Frumkes and texts by Nando Rohner.

- MELTDOWN MEMOIRS - Documentary (2006) by Roy Frumkes about the making of a cult classic (123 min.)
- Audio commentary with director Jim Muro
- Audio commentary with producer Roy Frumkes
- Various trailers, deleted scenes, outtakes
- A Conversation between Roy Frumkes and Tony Timpone
- Interviews with actress Jane Arakawa and producer Frank Farrell
- WORLD PREMIERE: 20th Anniversary Q+A at Cinema Wasteland
- WORLD PREMIERE: 30th Anniversary Q+A at Cinema Wasteland
- Hidden Feature: Short film CHUNKBLOW (inspired by STREET TRASH)