SOV Six-Pack (Tempe Digital) USED *SEE NOTE*

Type: Used Movies



Six Individually Packaged Region-Free Blu-ray Discs (MOD): “Kingdom of the Vampire” (1991), “Zombie Cop,” “Chickboxer,” “Maximum Impact,” “Galaxy of the Dinosaurs,” and “Humanoids From Atlantis”

Three Restored Movies with 5.1 Surround Remixes

Original VHS Versions from Archival Edit Masters

Live Original Cast Reading of the Complete, Uncut “Humanoids From Atlantis” Screenplay

Three Commentary Tracks for Each Movie

New and Vintage Extras from the Tempe Vaults

Reversible Wraps with Original VHS Artwork

Two Bonus Soundtrack Music CDs (MOD)

Three Reversible 10” x 13” Mini-Posters

24-Page Booklet with Photos and Liner Notes

Bonus Vimeo on Demand Digital Streaming Code

Optional English Subtitles (Feature Only)

Exclusive Packaging Limited to Only 300 Units, Autographed by Producer J.R. Bookwalter

Between September, 1991 and March, 1992, producer J.R. Bookwalter (“The Dead Next Door”) embarked on the impossible: Write, shoot, edit, and deliver six shot-on-video (SOV) features in just seven months. With budgets under $2,500 each, the horror, sci-fi, thriller, and comedy movies were commissioned two at a time by executive producer David DeCoteau (“Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama”) for release on his fledgling Cinema Home Video label, sold through a unique startup who shared video store rental profits with the distributor.

Although initially profitable, video store owners and customers ultimately turned their back on camcorder quickies. By the time DeCoteau came calling for a fourth pair of movies — an urban thriller and a western! — Bookwalter had done the same, eventually returning in 1994 with “Ozone,” hailed by fans and critics alike as one of the best SOV movies ever made.

For the first time, the original Tempe shot-on-video “six-pack” has been assembled on Blu-ray in this collectible box set, newly-remastered with bonus features and soundtrack music plus the original unaltered VHS presentations captured from archival Super-VHS edit masters.

Disc 1: Kingdom of the Vampire (1991)

Disc 2: Zombie Cop (1991)

Disc 3: Chickboxer (1992)

Disc 4: Maximum Impact (1992)

Disc 5: Galaxy of the Dinosaurs (1992)

Disc 6: Humanoids From Atlantis (1992)

Disc 7: SOV Six-Pack Volume One (Soundtrack CD)

Disc 8: SOV Six-Pack Volume Two (Soundtrack CD)