Sixteen Tongues w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray
Adrian Torque is a renegade cop who has lost more than half of his skin in a terrorist explosion. His missing flesh has been replaced with the tongue meat recovered from the sixteen victims that died during the tragedy. Ginny Chin-Chin is a genetically engineered prostitute / assassin chasing down the scientist who implanted her sex organs under the folds of her eyelids. Alik Silens is a wearied computer hacker hunting through the pornographic abyss of cyberspace for the identity of her brother’s killer. At a run-down, S&M hotel purgatory where even the strangest desires can be met for a price, the trajectories of this star-crossed trio intersect in a claustrophobic collision of sex, blood, bullets, and personal apocalypse.

The sophomore feature from innovative and visionary New York based video auteur Scooter McCrae (Shatter Dead), Sixteen Tongues is a transgressive, dystopian chamber piece that fuses cyberpunk imagery, psychosexual malaise, and austere surrealist delirium. Featuring Alice Liu (She Hate Me), Tina Krause (Limbo), and special makeup FX by Glenn Hetrick (The Hunger Games) & Paul Sutt (Watchmen, Van Helsing), Sixteen Tongues presents a bleak and futuristic vision unlike any other; a subversive and ambitious body-horror epic guaranteed to challenge even the boldest and most daring cinematic explorers.

directed by: Scooter McCrae
starring: Jane Chase, Crawford James, Alice Liu, Tina Krause
1999 / 80 min / 1.33:1 / English DTS-HD MA 2.0

Additional info:

Region Free Blu-ray
Audio commentary with writer / director Scooter McCrae & producer Alex Kuciw
Audio commentary with writer / director Scooter McCrae, producer Alex Kuciw, & production designer Dan Ouellette
Isolated music track
“Fantasia or Bust” -festival screening featurette
Behind the scenes / bloopers featurette
Visual effects breakdown with post FX supervisor Robert Morris
Makeup and costume tests featurette
Deleted scenes
“I See the Dark” music video
Photo gallery
Video introduction to the student films by director Scooter McCrae
“dB” -16mm student film by Scooter McCrae (1988) with optional director’s commentary
“Only Hell” -16mm student film by Scooter McCrae (1987) with optional director’s commentary
Reversible cover art
English SDH subtitles
Scooter McCrae’s award winning 2015 short film starring Melanie Gaydos & Tina Krause (HD) with optional director’s commentary
Isolated score featuring music by legendary composer Fabio Frizzi (Zombie, The Beyond)
Behind the scenes stills gallery